White Shed

White Shed


In a uninhabited island of Cyclades, Despotiko, one shepherd built his Shed where once stood an archaic temple dedicated to Apollo.

After studies and research the archaeologists removed his shed for the excavation to begin.

Unfortunately where he built the new shed, some years after the archaeologists moved him again because of new evidence of more ancient settlements.

The last years I have been working for the Reconstruction of this archaic Temple and this shepherd has been offering us his self produced goat cheese and fresh meat as a gesture of hospitality.

It is said that they will remove his shed one more time in the years to come.

This sculpture is dedicated to this Shed and its shepherd and to all the shed’s who simply found a good base at abandoned archaeological sites all over Greece.

Ps: (true story)

Material : White marble , Hay

Dimensions : 95 x 90 x 50 cm