One body , thousand Trees – Steiner’s Ladder

The site-specific installation and performance where held in the region of Puglia inItaly , during the Residency LandXcapes of BJCEM in October 2018.

The installation consists of two parts. One body Thousand trees and Steiner’sLadder.

The project of LandXcapes is dedicated to the changes suffered by the territory of Puglia due to the epidemic breakout of the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa, which has affected entire plantations of olive trees in the Region.

Dealing with the‘sickness’ of the tree ,in the work One body Thousand trees i metaphorically heal it’s wounds by placing cotton in the cracked surfaces of the trunk , as if the tree itself was a human being. The act questions the relationship, the affection and the sensitivity of man towards nature, the importance of coexistence and balance. In the same time i aim to critic the  pesticide culture and the intensive agricultural methods.

Influenced by the biodynamic agricultural methods of Rudolf Steiner and his practise’s of burying materials using the Lunar calendar to fertilize the soil, which are said to harvest “cosmic forces in the soil”. In the project  Steiner’s Ladder i burry a old ladder for one night, the one that used to serve for gathering the olives of this specific region.

Material used: cotton, ladder